WCH TAVI Team Attends PCR London Valves


PCR London Valves (PCRLV), world’s top-level academic conference in transcatheter heart valvular intervention area, was held in London UK from Sep 18 to Sep 20, 2016. More than 2,400 experts, scholars and doctors from 60 nations participated the event. The theme of PCRLV 2016 is “the knowledge and practice of transcatheter heart valvular intervention” including transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI), transcatheter mitral valve repair and replacement, and transcatheter tricuspid intervention. PCRLV invited hundreds of world famous transcatheter valvular intervention experts and held more than 80 fascinating live demonstrations, academic lectures and heart valvular intervention technical trainings.
West China Hospital’s TAVI team, the only team to attend PCRLV in Mainland China, was the largest team among all the invited medical institution. Professor Chen Mao, director of Cardiology Department of West China Hospital, was invited by PCRLV conference organizing committee to be the chairperson and panelist in 6 sessions at main arena and branch venue, communicating with top experts in the field regarding the current difficulties of heart valvular interventional therapy, countermeasures and direction. Besides, members of WCH’s TAVI team including Doctor Feng Yuan, Xu Yuanning, Wei Xin, Zhao Zhengang, Liao Yanbiao, Li Yijian and Xiong Tianyuan, were also invited to share cases and perform oral presentations.
During the conference, Professor Chen Mao and PCR jointly set final academic calendar of the second China (Chengdu) international transcatheter valvular interventional therapy conference (PCR - CIT China Chengdu Valves, 2016, [PCRCCV 2016]). To be held from November 4 to 6 in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China, PCRCCV 2016 will be adhering to the PCR principle "learning together, sharing experience, serving patient”. Based on the successful experience of PCR London Valves ,, PCRCCV 2016 will focus on TAVI technology shared by experts and doctors from European, Japan, Korea, Chinese Taiwan and Chinese Hong Kong SAR ,help more and more doctors in the Asia Pacific region to master TAVI technology by performing different kinds of forms including basic training, live demonstration, lecture and case discussion. The success of holding PCRCCV will promote the development of TAVI in Asia Pacific region.
Being invited to attend such top-level conference means a lot. It proved the level and expertise of the West China Hospital’s TAVI team had been widely recognized in the world. The second PCRCCV 2016 will  promote the construction of transcatheter valvular interventional therapy subgroup, push the development of department of cardiology further, and elevate the core competitiveness and international reputation of West China Hospital and department of cardiology.    
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