Warm Reminder

Warm Reminder 

Dear Patients and Families

Thank you for your trust of West China Hospital. In order to make your visit to the Emergency Department more convenient, we kindly remind you to read the following contents carefully

1. The Emergency Department of West China Hospital provide emergency services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for almost all the emergency patients, except the stomatological, obstetric and gynecologic patients, and the pediatric patients who do not need the surgery.

2. In addition to focusing on extraordinary promptness in clinical care, we also provide superior education and training for emergency medicine residents and medical students.Thank you for your understanding and support for the medical education in our clinical work.

3. When the patient arrives at the Emergency Department, triage nurses would do the initial assessment of the patient at once. Critically ill patients are going to be immediately treated and register afterwards. Noncritical patients should register first, and then wait for treatment. The patient should pay cash for each visit. The registration fee is not refundable.

4. When there are a relatively large amount of patients in Emergency Department, non-critically ill patients may wait for more than 2 hours (especially during weekends and holidays). If the patient condition deteriorates while waiting, please call the nurse immediately.

5. Emergency Department is not a fast admission channel for non-critically ill patients.  According to doctors’ assessment, patients who do not need emergency admission please visit the out-patient department for further treatment.



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