The West China Hospital Emergency Department (WCHED) enjoys a reputation nationally and internationally as one of the premier academic Emergency Medicine facility. The mission of WCHED is to achieve true excellence as one of great centers in research teaching and patient care for the field of Emergency Medicine. WCHED provide emergency services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for almost all the emergency patients, except the stomatological, obstetric and gynecologic patients, and the pediatric patients. Due to a focus on excellence in patient care, comfort, satisfaction, and efficiency, the volume is currently over 150 000 patients visits per year, with over 40 000 severe patients requiring invasive medical management. In addition to focusing on extraordinary promptness in clinical care, WCHED also provides superior education and training for emergency medicine residents and medical students.

The Department continuously strives to deliver care which is compassionate, timely and efficient. The medical care is delivered by the best qualified and rigorously trained physicians and allied health care providers. Emergency physicians, emergency physician assistants and nurse practitioners, emergency nurses, and pre-hospital care providers consider patients care, teaching and research integral to their mission. The Department has a young, hard-working, and energetic team with an average age of 27. There are a total of 77 physicians and 216 nurses.

WCHED delivers care which is compassionate and represents the collaboration of outstanding attending and resident physicians providing “state of the art”, evidence-based diagnosis and treatment of illness and injury in emergency patients. Like most academic medicine center emergency departments, the Department continues to face challenges with respect to throughput and patient satisfaction. The Department strives to perform funded clinical and basic research which is considered clinically import and innovative, and influences clinical practice in the field of Emergency Medicine. Recently, the seven focus areas for Departmental research include Cardiovascular, Neurovascular, Trauma, Toxicity, Severe infection, Hemodynamics and Disaster medicine. Innovation in clinical care will be accomplished by providing translation of our clinical and basic research accomplishments directly into patient care. The Department has successfully started and completed several initiatives to improve patient flow and quality of care. Ultimately, the Department strives to continue to serve as one of the national leaders in the field of Emergency Medicine.

The WCHED is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies for performing advanced medical procedures including non-invasive and invasive ventilation, bedside dialysis, bedside ultrasound, bedside bronchoscopy, video-assisted laryngoscopy, and PICCO monitor.

Our department has more than 7000 square meters of working space and is divided into four main areas: consultation area, observation room, rescue room, and emergency intensive care unit (EICU). Based on the severity of their conditions, patients will be triaged to the appropriate location. The consultation area includes clinics for internal medicine, surgery, ear-nose-throat (ENT) specialty, dermatology, neurology, psychiatry, gastroenterology, and infectious diseases. Our observation room offers 59 beds and 20 chairs for intravenous therapy, observation and diagnosis. Both rescue room(56 beds) and EICU(16 beds) are equipped with advanced medical apparatus and life support technologies.

The WCHED is a center for AHA’s BLS/ACLS certification in China. We place an importance on translational research and have been awarded multiple national and provincial research grants. Our department has published close to 100 publications and attained 2 patents within the last years. We achieved recognition for our achievements in the medical field and have been invited to write national guidelines and rules by the Ministry of Health of the people's republic of china . We have been granted the one of the first national facilities to grant Ph.D. and Master’s degrees in Emergency Medicine, and have continued to attract scholars from afar to our programs.
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