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West China School of Medicine is one of the most renowned institutes of Chinese advanced medical education, which enjoys a good reputation both at home and abroad.

In 1914, West China School of Medicine grew out of the School of Medicine of West China Union University and is the first of its kind in Western China to adapt the Western higher education patterns completely. In 1929, the former medical department and the former Dentistry Department were merged into the School of Medicine; after the registration in the government of the Republic of China in 1933, the school of Medicine and the School of Dentistry under the framework of the integrated School of Medicine/Dentistry maintained their relative independency. During the period of West China Union University, the 6-,7-,8- and 9-year programs were administered and the school is one of the first of its kind in Western China to grant doctoral degrees; in 1922, the medical graduates were granted a doctoral degree in medicine by the State University of Nye York (SUNY) after their academic records were reviewed and approved by SUNY; In 1934, WCUU was conferred the authority to directly grant doctoral degrees in medicine of SUNY without having to submit students' records to SUNY to get approval, which symbolized the realization of mutual recognition of academic degrees between WCUU and SUNY, and that Chinese graduates might enjoy the same honor and privilege as the American medical graduates. Subsequently the school was renamed as "Medical School of West China University"(1949), "Medical Department of Sichuan Medical College" (1953), "School of medicine of West China University of Medical Sciences" (1958) successively, and finally the "West China School of Medicine/West China Hospital of Sichuan University" in 2000 when West China University of Medical Sciences and Sichuan University were merged. The 5-, 7 and 8-year programs were subsequently administered; the school was approved by MOH to try out the 7-year program in 1988 and by MOE to try out the 8-year program in 2004, thus it has become one of the first medical institute to carry out an extended medical education. Since 2002, the school started to recruite foreign medical students for 6-year study with Bachelor degree of Medicine. The teaching is totally in English and graduates are welcomed by their home countries.

At present, undergraduate education consists of more than 2,500 students in five divisions: Clinical Medicine, Higher Nursing Education, Laboratory Medicine, Allied Health Professions, and Rehabilitation Medicine. Since its foundation, the school has always insisted on "rigorous and diligent" approaches in teaching and learning and Continuing to provide the highest quality medical education. The school has succeeded in graduating a large number of competent medical professionals who excel clinically as well as in all aspects of being a good physician.

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